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Once upon a time, I started on the net with a Dutch nickname. That makes a lot of sense since I’m actually Dutch! When I asked Google to translate this Dutch nickname, they gave me a few options. Master Quill just sounded and looked the coolest. That’s all there is to it.

Jim Beam White LabelI started with Whisky around the millenium. Around that time someone let me try…wait for it…Jim Beam white, which I liked. After that I got a bottle of Jack Daniels Old nr. 7, which I didn’t like. Next step were Scottish blends. Just four or five of them. I changed my job to something more IT. Well in that world, single malts were HOT! I heard a lot of talk about Laphroaig and went out to get a bottle. Fell over seeing the price (well, hey, I wasn’t used to anything those days). Left the shop, but curiosity got the better of me, and I went back in. There I saw it, a 200ml bottle of Laphroaig 10yo. Green glass, flat bottle @ 43%. And you know the standard 10yo @ 43% was pretty fabulous then! I bought it and liked this instantly. There’s nothing like remembering the first time…

Johannes' original siteThen came the ‘Sponge-time’ gathering as much information as I could. Printed everything I found on the net. Hey there wasn’t much around then. Even books were scarce. Johannes proved to be something of a guru for me. Hit site was very informative and he posted so much notes. I got better at tasting and eventually became a Malt Maniac. After a few years I got a son, which prevented me of writing e-pistles, so I was relieved of my duties. Still it was a great time and I look back with fond memories.

Next was a new group. Het Genietschap. This is a long time existing group that unlike the MM’s don’t change a lot. You can’t get in, but when you do, you’re a member untill you die, but before that you get divorced. As you might have guessed Het Genietschap translates roughly as ‘The Enjoyers’. Well there’s a lot to enjoy around, but we mainly seem to enjoy Whisky (with good food and music).

If you have any questions or want to get in touch. E-mail Master Quill at the following adress: masterquill(at)

Just put in @ in stead of (at).

I don’t like spam.


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