Aberfeldy 12yo Limited Release (40%, OB, Batch #2905, 2014)

As mentioned before, through John Dewar and Sons, Bacardi owns five Scottish Malt Distilleries. This year Bacardi is releasing official bottlings from all of the five distilleries, and that’s not all. All Whiskies released will have age statements. As we have already seen, that’s a dying breed! Not for nothing these five malts are being marketed as “The Last Great Malts Collection” Aberfeldy is the third in a row and for the time being the last. The first was Craigellachie and the second Aultmore. The remaining two will be Royal Brackla and Deveron from the Macduff distillery, both are not released yet.

Abefeldy 12yo Limited Realease Batch #2905Color: Gold

Nose: Funky in a nice way. Creamy and fruity. Tropical fruits, papaya and pineapple. Smells a bit like a Tomatin. The fruit take the back seat and then some dry wood spiciness kicks in. Almonds. Dusty. Nice fruity and friendly nose. Caramel and cow-dung (a good thing in Whisky)

Taste: Toffee and some fruit. Waaaaayyyy to thin. Why bottle this at 40%! Bad move! Taste is there but it is watered down. Toffee again and Amaretto, but where is the rest? Hints of strange acidity in the (beerlike)finish. It’s all about vanilla ice-cream, cream, toffee and caramel with some fruit.

Better tasting than the previous 12yo. The taste was enhanced by extending the fermentation time for this bottling, and it worked. Why didn’t they enhance the ABV too?

Points: 81