Limeburners Peated Single Malt (48%, Great Southern Distilling Company, Bourbon Barrel M209, 294 bottles)

After the funky mushroom Whisky from France, let’s try another ‘World Whisky”. This time we will look at a peated Limeburners single cask Single Malt Whisky. Limeburners is the brand name for the Single Malt Whisky from The Great Southern Distilling Company from Western Australia. They call themselves a boutique distillery with a focus is on quality. The plan is to source all ingredients locally. Nice touch is that the distillery is powered by the Albany wind farm and the Whisky is reduced with filtered rain water. How’s that for sustainability?

Limeburners M209 aColor: White wine.

Nose: Softly smoky and peaty. Fatty with lots of vanilla. Creamy. Leafy, vegetal and the oak almost smells freshly cut. The peat quickly takes the back-seat and lets the cask drive. The wood drives slowly listening to Lana Del Rey on the car radio. Hints of new make. Judging by the nose alone I would say, bottled slightly too soon and not as peaty as I expected. Given some time to breathe it seems like all of the aromas introduced themselves one by one, and now work together for a more balanced feel. More citrussy too, distinct aroma’s of soft (sugared) lemon. Am I still objective when I pair the soft lemon with lemongrass. Nice, but where has the peat gone? It’s almost a lowlander in style.

Taste: First entry is definitely new make, with its distinct alcoholic and sweet taste. Beer, hops, lots of paper, woody bitterness and again very green, leafy and vegetal. Fresh tree sap. Virgin oak cask? I also get some raspberry hard candy and creamy vanilla. Typical american oak vanillin. The peat only shows itself in some sort of spicy pepperiness. Not bad but nothing special yet too.

The nose already gave it away, but especially in the taste it is noticeable, this is a bit too young. Also the notes of virgin oak are quite “there” so I think at least this cask has some more to give to the next distillate that will enter it.

Points: 75