La Guillotine (8.5%, 330 ml)

La Guillotine, a heavy beer, is made by brouwerij Huyghe from Melle, Belgium. It was first issued in 1989 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. Huyghe is better known for their Delirium Tremens beer. La Guillotine is a multigrain beer, and one of their more bitter offerings. La Guillotine won a gold award in London at the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2011. Almosts 800 beers were entered in the competition, so we can have high expectations for this beer. Again this is an aged bottle.

Color: Orange Gold with lots and lots of yeast.

Nose: Citrussy and perfumy. It smells rather clean and doesn’t have a lot of smell to it.

Taste: Again citrus. Orange and a bit of sourness that makes it a wee bit refreshing. Warming alcohol, in combination with the orange. There is a lot of light floating yeast in the depot, which makes it hard not to pour it into the glass. Luckily the yeast itself doesn’t have a lot of taste by itself, so it doesn’t overpower the palate. Overall rather fresh with some distant sweetness. The bitterness is confined to the finish only.

Well it’s not hard to imagine what happened over time. A new bottle is sweeter and has more bitterness. The sugar was fermented off, and even the bitterness isn’t all that present. Ageing gives this beer a more sour and refreshing edge and complexity. Since those beers are abundant, I guess it’s probably best not to age this beer for too long beyond it’s best before date.

Points: 80