Timmermans Framboise (4%, 25 cl)

The sun is out, and it finally starts to look like summer. Just the right day to pull out all of my beers from storage and have a look what is still around. Time to pick a nice refreshment for our short-lived summer. Between all those Catholic Beers I have, protruded this pink bottle. This is a Timmermans Framboise or Raspberry flavored beer. Had they used real raspberries, the beer would have been priceless, so Raspberry juice was used in stead. Also Sugar and artificial sweetener was added.

Timmermans FramboiseTimmermans is part of Anthony Martin. Those of you that read my beer reviews know that I like to age my beers, but beers like this (fruit), hardly gain anything from ageing. That doesn’t mean you can’t but why should you. The beer I used for this review was hardly aged.

Color: Red and murky, not a lot of (almost white) foam.

Nose: Heated raspberry compote. Very, very fruity and sweet-smelling. It almost overpowers the Lambic beer, but if you try hard it’s there. Probably too much fruit syrup is used.

Taste: Again a whole lot of sweet raspberry. Sweet it is! Fruit syrup but with a nice acidic touch, I guess comes from the Lambic. After the initial sweetness the beer is still quite refreshing. I love Lambic beers, but still this is quite a simple beer, to enjoy with an empty mind, not caring ’bout notin’.

To sum up, Raspberry syrup (too much used), added Sugar and artificial sweetener (why so much), simple yet enjoyable.

Points: 77