Springbank 10yo ‘100 Proof’ (57%, OB, Circa 2004)

Springbank, the strongest survivor of Campbeltown, and one of the few family owned distilleries. Once a great center for whisky, and once a region of its own, it still is, but barely. The people behind Springbank do their utmost best to let Campbeltown survive as a region. Glen Scotia is intermittently operated by the crew of Springbank, and of course Springbank themselves are responsible for Longrow, Hazelburn and Kilkerran (Glengyle Distillery). All names from a distant Campbeltown past. Founded in 1828 by the Reid family, who were married into the Mitchells. In 1837 the Mitchell’s bought the distillery. In 1897 J. & A. Mitchell Company Ltd. is founded, the company that is still on the label today. Since 1969 J. & A. Mitchell is also owner of Cadenhead’s. Between 1979 and 1987, Springbank was closed. And since 1989, production is again as it should be. Almost nobody malts themselves these days, but Springbank take the remarkable step to reopen the maltings in 1992. Springbank is a cult malt has a great following, and is by far the most popular malt on Wall Street.

Color: Gold.

Nose: Strong, buttery, oily. Sparkling lemon curd. Clean and a bit closed at first. Grassy and smells of wet plants and earth. Cow dung in wet grass, and some “young” peat. Coastal fresh, malty and spicy, but not from wood. It has hints of popcorn and milk chocolate. Very rural, gritty and bold.

Taste: Sweet like toffee. Creamy and spicy, this time definitively from wood, and seems a bit winey, although no wine casks, even sherry, were used. It is supposed to be all Bourbon. Mocha, chocolate and peanuts. Yes it’s “Snickers” in a bottle. Slightly unbalanced by the soury woody, and peaty, finish. The finish also leaves a minty sensation on the tongue. Sweet mint as in “After Eight”.

Long live Springbank, very nice and drinkable, with a fine full body. This version is quite peaty and oily, when you think of it. Now I’m curious how a more recent bottle would taste like…

Points: 86


5 thoughts on “Springbank 10yo ‘100 Proof’ (57%, OB, Circa 2004)

  1. Nice post. The ABV is high, isn’t it overpowering? I think about buying a bottle of the newer version which is discontinued now but still available.

  2. Hello to the Czech Republic! I’ll be in Adršpach by the end of this month 🙂
    About Springbank: well, maybe you’re asking the wrong person, because I always liked cask strength whiskies. Depends on what you’re used to. 57% can be overpowering, although I didn’t think this was especially harsh or overpowering. I would say, go for it! You’ll have to venture into high ABV, and you can always add water if you don’t like it. Let me know how it went.

  3. Hi. That’s a very good choice! Do you have any friend(s) here in the Czech Republic? I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I like it:-) I do not avoid cask strength but I just do not prefer it. For me 46% is the best. I was disappointed with Glenmorangie Astar (100 proof like this Springbank) which is harsh and almost undrinkable without water so that’s why I was asking. Thanks for the reply:-)

    • Thanx for the compliments! I’m sorry to say that I don’t but I do in Poland. Actually I have never been to the Czech republic yet, so this will be a first. Astar is a bit of a tricky one. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Glenmorangie and I’ve never tried Astar before and generally Astar is considered to be good. Knowing Glenmorangie it’s very much possible that diluting Astar makes it harsh. Springbank is a much more oilier (and sweeter) whisky, so I guess it will not be as harsh. But there are a lot of very nice 43% and 46% bottles around, so why bother. These days Gordon & MacPhail have great stuff around, at those strengths, and they are pretty resonable priced also. Maybe you could have a look at them?

      Na zdraví Lukas!

  4. Thanks for advice! I am now in the middle of Springbank 10 yo and I like it much. So my next bottle will be from Springbank or maybe Longrow. But I will definitely get a sample of 100 proof first to avoid possible disappointment. And I will look at Gordon & MacPhail releases:-)

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