Master Quill’s First Anniversary!

Master Quill is already one year old, well, the web version anyway. This first year of blogging passed very quickly and doesn’t feel as a whole year to me. It started out with the first “Hello Whisky World” post, that saw the light of day on the 4th of march 2012. Immediately followed by two reviews of Miltonduff and Macduff Mo Ór bottlings on the same day and a Lagavulin 12yo a day later. These first four posts were merely a test, to see how it would look.

The next tree posts were about cigars and came some three weeks later. Still nothing serious. One month of nothing but Master Quill really took off near the and of April. That’s were Master Quill came to be like it is now, and how it looks, since the looks got changed around that time. So in May this became a blog about nice things to put in your mouth…

In this past year we saw three ‘weeks’ passing by. First a bourbon week, that got a lot of attention. The review of Old Grand Dad 114, got an enormous amount of hits, compared to other reviews on Master Quill. Second week was the Japanese whisky week and the third and last one was the Rum week. More weeks are planned for the second year of Master Quill.

Yes Rum, so it is not only Whisky on these pages, well lots more actually. If weather permits, I’ll write a review of a cigar or two (I’m not allowed to smoke inside the house, and our climate is not actually similar to Florida’s). Besides all this, also some bottles of wine and beers also saw the light of day in reviewed form. I hope to do more of them too. Still lot’s of those lying around the castle too! last but not least a book review, yes only one, we’ll see…

Of course the first anniversary has to be modestly celebrated. What better than to open a nice bottle of Whisky. I went into the dungeons and came out with a nice bottle of Scapa. Time to rip that open! Review, soon on Master Quill!

Cheers, hope you like the posts and will continue to enjoy these pages. Enjoy Life!


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