Glengoyne Week – Day 6: Glengoyne 19yo 1985/2004 ‘Summer’ (52.6%, OB, Cask #608, 606 bottles)

After the cold, cold winter we actually had (are still having), with lots of snow, I guess it’s time for a nice long hot summer! First day of spring went by some time ago, and it still was snowing on that day, so I guess we all need a bit of summer in our lives. Unlike yesterday’s 1984, 1985 is a year more common to find a Glengoyne from. In 2006 Glengoyne even bottled a sister cask of this ‘Summer’ edition, that was a Butt, so it’s probably safe to assume, that this is from a Butt as well.

Color: Dark orange brown.

Nose: Typical musty Sherry. Spicy and leafy. Butter, honey and raisins. Mocha coffee. Coal and tar. This is by far the best dark Sherry cask up untill now in this Glengoyne week. A slightly acidic freshness, like lemon pie inside a raisiny heavily sherried dram. Dusty old polished wood, with ageing lacquer on it. Dark fruits emerge afer a while, Blueberries! Perfect balance and lots of character.

Taste: Big body, spicy with just the right amount of wood, and almonds. Did I say wood? It’s not just any kind of wood, this is tarry wood, steam locomotive wood. Blueberries infused in honey, with some added acidity. Again very balanced stuff this. It reminds me a bit of the great Longmorn’s of the early seventies. Those are legendary, and Glengoyne were able to make this in the mid eighties! Were are it’s sister casks?!?!

This cask was bottled in 2004, so it wasn’t around anymore when the mashmen of Glengoyne made their choices, so let’s call this, this consumers choice.

Points: 91

Thanks go out to Erik (Master Quill’s apprentice) for providing the sample.


2 thoughts on “Glengoyne Week – Day 6: Glengoyne 19yo 1985/2004 ‘Summer’ (52.6%, OB, Cask #608, 606 bottles)

  1. On Whiskyfun’s site Serge writes:”Colour: dark amber. Nose: powerful. Lots of sherry, tangerine, pink grapefruit. A very nice balance between the heavy sherry and the fresh fruits. Orange peel, caramel, peony. It gets more and more aromatic. Musk, dried lavender, even some hints of fresh parsley. It keeps developing for long, getting very toffeeish. How nice! Mouth: bold attack, on very heavy sherry. Extremely winey, tannic and woody. Cooked wine (reduced). The sherry really overwhelms the spirit here… Beware, for sherryheads only. Long, winey finish, with a pinch of salt and vinegar. I loved the nose, but the mouth is too sherried for my taste. 84 points, still. This one has pulled great results during the Malt Manaics Awards 2004 operations”.

  2. Let’s have a look: Lot’s of it sounds ok to me, it is heavy sherry obviously, but not “very”, not to my taste. I disagree with the winey, woody and tannic bit. For me this was quite balanced stuff. If you ever get the chance, try the summer next ot the winter version I reviewed yesterday, and you’ll know what kind of a sherryhead you really are. Here are the results from the malt maniacs as a whole:

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