Okocim Premium Mocne (7.1%, 500 ml)

Here we have a beer from Poland. I visit the country on a regular basis, so it’s not that hard for me to come in contact with some of the Beers they’re making over there. Poland, of course, is better known for its Vodka, than for its Beers, but during the last few decades has seen a big shift away from the consumption of Vodka (even the tax on Vodka was lowered at some point) to Beer. A few moments later, brewers from the west saw this opportunity and quickly bought up all the large brands. Especially Heineken (f.i. Zywiec & Warka) and Carlsberg (f.i. Okocim & Harnas) were quick to snap up the Polish brewers. Lets have a look at this Okocim Premium Mocne then. I aged the Beer for an extra year (I love to do that), and this Beer can take some ageing. For me always a good sign.

Color: Amber (Orange)

Nose: Fresh, with lots of sugared orange skin. Hoppy, murky, dusty with lots of yeast. Deep sense of Sugar candy. Putty and leafy.

Taste: Again lot’s of orange skins, warming alcohol and it definitely tastes better than it smells. Sugar candy and yeasty. That’s it actually, but the aroma is there in large amounts. Leafy and slightly woody, although I don’t think the Beer came in contact with wood anywhere during the production process.

This is beer for drinking outside in the evening, watching people pass by. You might even want to call this a winter warmer, but that’s a completely different season. Pretty good beer. I have tried a lot of different Polish beers, and this is easily one of my favorites. Recommended!

Points: 83


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