Master Quill’s Second Anniversary!

2 yearsAnother year has passed. One year ago I wrote that the first year of writing this blog passed very quickly. This year I almost missed the opportunity to write something for the occasion of the second anniversary! I was smiling away at birthday messages on Facebook, congratulating Master Quill. Smiling since March 4th isn’t my actual birthday, but the day this blog started.

So what did we do in the past year? The most exciting pieces to write are just like in the first year the “Weeks”. In the second year of Master Quill, only two more weeks saw the light of day, that’s a bit of a surprise to me! First we had a Glengoyne week and second a Bowmore week, all Single Malts, I know, but it’s sort of a core business here! Luckily one boasts to be the unpeated Malt and the second wouldn’t be the same without peat, so at least some diversity!

But that’s not all! The first year focused mostly on Single Malts, Wine, Cigars and Rum. As mentioned before Single Malts are most important to me. Wine was expanded, but this past year was a “bad” year for Cigars. Not a lot of good weather, and I have to smoke outside. Not as much Rum as I expected to write about, but I’ll make up for that in Master Quills third year.

The drinks categories got some new entries this second year around, with articles about Port and Sherry, both fortified Wines and with Whiskies from “other” countries like India and New Zealand. Quite exciting times since those countries produce some excellent examples. I can’t wait for another taste outside of Scotland.

Well the second year finished a bit slow, you might have noticed, with almost no activity (by me, the readers however keep coming back in large numbers even when temporarily not a lot of new content is being added). By the end of January I got a little bit sick. Something in between a big flu, a heavy cold or even pneumonia. I’m on antibiotics right now, so I’m guessing I can write a new review pretty soon…

Last but not least. I’m one of those people who a living the dream and found a job in the what I clearly love best. I’ve joined the Booze-Workforce! Maybe time for a Master Quill Inc. someday? Well to celebrate let’s open up a nice Longmorn from 1971!

Cheers, hope you like the posts and will continue to enjoy these pages. Enjoy Life!


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