The Macallan ‘Sienna’ (43%, OB, 1824 Series)

Just recently I reviewed a Macallan 10yo ‘Fine Oak’ which I found to be quite anonymous. The Fine Oak was Macallan’s first series that was essentially a U-turn from Macallan’s previous theme off first fill (Oloroso) Sherry casks, which lasted for many decades. One of the commenters on that aforementioned review, mentioned that the 1824 series is even worse than the Fine Oak series. As luck would have it I just received a sample of the Sienna so why wait, lets put this baby to the test!

The Macallan 1824 seriesSienna is part of the 1824 family. The other members being Gold, Amber and Ruby. The names are derived from the color of the Whiskies. Yes no age statements but now we get colors! I’m just speculating here but it seems to me that with increasing color, more (Oloroso) Sherry casks were used. Obviously other Sherries might be used as well.

The  Macallan SiennaColor: Deep orange gold.

Nose: Tangerine sugar-water. Toned down Sherry. Predominantly Oloroso if you ask me. Tiny, tiny hint of smoke, probably from toasted cask. A lot of typical Bourbon cask notes too. It brings vanilla, oak and some lemon sherbet. Fruity notes emerge later. Sugared apricots. Actually this smells very nice dusty and balanced. Although it smells like sugar(water), the overall sense I get is dry, it doesn’t smell sweet. The oak itself picks up some spiciness when its left to breathe, a bit like pencil shavings.

Taste: Syrupy texture and very toffeed. Didn’t expect that. Burnt cask again. Not very sweet, but the sweetness that’s there is covering up a strange, and hidden, acidity. Very nutty, hazelnut cream, which calls for a more oxidized type of Sherry. Dark chocolate and oak. Small hint of coal and burnt wood. Overall very “simple” and young and not very balanced. Short finish filled with Sugar water again. Strange experience this.

The first three examples from this series are pretty affordable. I have previously tasted the ‘Amber’ from this series (no review) and scored that 76. Decent Whisky, but still disappointing, especially considering it’s a Macallan. and I’m sorry, but I found this Sienna to be equally disappointing, even though it scores a little bit higher…

Points: 79


3 thoughts on “The Macallan ‘Sienna’ (43%, OB, 1824 Series)

  1. Disregarding the prestige associated with Macallan – taking into account price and taste only – would you have any more positive feelings towards this whisky? I’ve had very little Macallan in my life so am wondering if and how I can get into it…
    Keep on waffling,

    • Hi Nick, no I can’t say I do. I “liked” the older expressions of the Fine Oaks, but they are way to expensive for the quality you get, but the Sienna was dissapointing. When writing reviews I only try to take taste en quality into account, but this Whisky was a bit short on that…For this kind of money, you can get enough (much) better ones like the new Benromach 10yo or the new Tamdhu 10yo to name but two.

      • Good advice. I was able to track down those two on my recent(ish) trip to Scotland and enjoyed them very much (I considered the Tamdhu to be the whisky version of chocolate). They’re a little harder to track down in Australia, however, I’ll keep an eye out! Cheers!

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