Bourbon Week – Day 2: Buffalo Trace (45%, OB, Single Cask for Binny’s, 750 ml)

Day two of the Bourbon week on Master Quill. This time a bottle from Buffalo Trace simply called Buffalo Trace. Again a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey but this time from Frankfort, Kentucky. Buffalo Trace make a lot of different Whiskey’s. Bourbons, Ryes and Wheaters. Also a lot of different brands come from Buffalo Trace, and some are not the worst on the market. Just think of the Staggs and Sazeracs of this world. Wow!

For this review I’ll use and oddity of Buffalo Trace, well it’s definitively and oddity for us Europeans. They already bottle a lot of different whiskies that also taste quite different, lot of different mash bills. Here we have a single barrel version of the regular Buffalo Trace. A single cask picked by Binny’s (from the Chicago Bay Area). So the bottle is the same as the regular one, except for an elliptical golden sticker. Issued in 2010.

Color: Orange Gold

Nose: Honey, and a lot of it! Even the waxy part is there, honeyed furniture wax. Hints of toasted oak. Fresh sea air and meaty. Like sitting on the porch of your sea-side cabin, and the smell of  freshly made meatballs float by. Chocolaty and vaguely spicy. Very balanced. Nothing in this overpowers the rest.

Taste: More wood, and again a lot of honey. It tastes just less sweet than honey. It’s not overly complex, but very likeable. It’s not too sweet nor to dry. Texture is thin, even water seems thick. Just don’t confuse this with a thin taste, because that would be unfair. The people from Binny really did choose a nice cask. One that shows us what kind of whisky is (mass) produced for this ‘standard’ bottling, and it shows us what a damn good whiskey they make at Buffalo Trace. Kudos!

Yeah this is not bad, not bad at all. This will be no problem to finish, no problem whatsoever. Before finishing this piece, I already poured it four times. Very good standard bottling! Ok,ok, Single Barrel of a standard bottling. A shame really that I don’t have the standard version at hand…

Points: 82


2 thoughts on “Bourbon Week – Day 2: Buffalo Trace (45%, OB, Single Cask for Binny’s, 750 ml)

  1. Hi! Glad you enjoy the Binny’s Hand Picked Buffalo Trace bottling! Your description is pretty much spot on for what we’re hoping for when we make a Buffalo trace selection – balanced body, balanced flavors, not to sweet or too spicy. One clarification – We at Binny’s don’t select single barrels for bottling. Instead, we choose several casks for vatting. Not sure which bottling you’re tasting, but our vattings usually run in the 14-16 barrel range. That way we can find some barrels with excellent balance, then some that are full and sweet, and more that bring spice to the blend. We then custom-tailor to the exact style we want, and keep it consistent between releases. We picked another batch just last week! Check out the Binny’s Blog ( ) for more info!

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your reply and clearing up how you guys pick casks. So that must be quite some big batches then (5000 bottles?). But since you are making vattings, why do you put stickers on bottles, claiming it to be a single barrel, hand picked by Binny’s? I bought mine in november 2010, maybe that is a single barrel? I will certainly check out your blog. Thanks again!

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