Benromach 18yo (40%, OB, Circa 2003)

Founded in the year of the Pattison crash 1898 and located on the outskirts of the ancient market town of Forres. Mothballed between 1931-1937 and 1983-1998. Since 1993 the distillery is owned by Gordon & MacPhail. Yes, the bottlers. The first Benromach that was released and made by the new owners is Benromach Traditional, that was released in 2004. The year they started with the new look and bottles in tin tubes we know today. During the G&M years more and more new released see the light of day. Today the distillery is known to be Speyside smallest working distillery and is operated by just two people…

Color: Gold

Nose: At first rather closed, but after some breathing, comes a sweet, bold nose. Dare I say sherried? Creamy with a hint of smoke. Almonds. Dusty. Cream and a bit buttery. The oak is slightly floral. Licorice with the slightest hint of tar. Very nice.

Taste: Sweet, oak and honey. Similar to the nose. Caramel with cherries. Creamy, nutty and slightly oaky. Almonds. The slight oakyness is also slightly sour, which is no problem. Not even that simple as expected, and very drinkable. Toffee and again some licorice. I’m quite surprised here. Has great body and the 40% even tastes nice.

An excellent Benromach and very good at 40% ABV. Just one catch. They don’t make this anymore. But sure did a great job in raising awareness. I will have to look further en dig deep into all the other bottlings by the distillery. Well done.

Points: 87


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